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The meeting I went to this afternoon for the -ometry machine was actually pretty interesting. They've come up with this new technology that allows us to more seamlessly transfer our -ography samples (which give us quantitative data) into the -ometry machine (which gives us qualitative data). Basically, making it easier for us to know exactly what it is that we're seeing in our systems. This could be very useful to me. When I decided to stay in this lab for my M.S., I originally planned to do a project based on learning -ometry and applying it to a lot of projects we currently have underway using -ography. Then I realized that it could take me years just to learn how to use the fucking -ometry machine, and I gave up on that idea. For a Ph.D., sure, but not for an M.S. If Advisor decides that this machine is worth our time and money, I might decide that it is worth my time to learn -ometry after all. I have time in my schedule for a side project, and I'm not too happy with the one Advisor currently wants me to do. Maybe I can convince him to buy this machine so I can do something I actually care about..?

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