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Doin' it capybara-style.

I didn't have time to write a post for this morning because I spent all day yesterday sulking around and being grumpy about various things, some pretty important and some rather petty and silly. I'm also a bit grumpy this morning because I have four hours of office hours to look forward to this afternoon because my students' final exam is tomorrow. I am in need of some serious rodent therapy.

They should call it capybara-style. Source.

Some other people have written some very great posts, though, and you should read them this morning once you've gotten your fill of capybara sex.

Dr. Zen at Neurodojo explores the difference between slit and round pupils in snake eyes.

Razib at Gene Expression: Knowledge is not value-free.

Darren at Tetrapod Zoology has two great posts up about American Pronghorns.

UPDATE: Scicurious posts about the sex and neurogenesis paper that I blogged about last week.

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