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Growing pains! (or, Welcome Back!)

Being as how it is a brand new network, #SciAmBlogs is still figuring out its identity and its place in the science blogging community. As such, my blog Crude Matter is also developing, and I am currently trying to figure out what I want from it and what its role is supposed to be.

I dearly appreciate the increased readership and the massive amounts of support from Scientific American, but I also appreciate the concerns that my few regular readers have about the commenting situation over there. I also have to think about my own blogging desires. I like making personal, stupid, or frivolous posts from time to time, and I'm not comfortable doing that at Sci Am, seeing as how it gets indexed by Google News. :)

Have it AND eat it! Image credit: Flickr user Kimberly Vardeman.
As such, I've decided that I will continue blogging here at C6-H12-O6. I will cross-link the weekly(ish) meaty Crude Matter posts on the day they are posted and will re-post them here in their entirety after 24 hours. I realize I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too, but hopefully this situation will work out best for everyone. This way I can still have the personal blog while using Scientific American for outreach to a broader audience, and possibly funnel new readers to this blog.

If you don't give a rat's hiney about the other stuff and just want to read the straight up science, you should follow only the RSS feed for Crude Matter, which is here:

If you want to follow my personal blog and leap over to Crude Matter occasionally through the cross-link posts, you should follow the RSS feed for this blog, which is here:

If you want everything and the kitchen sink (recommended), follow both! If you follow me through Facebook/G+/Twitter, you don't have to do anything; this is only for people who follow me through bookmarks or feed readers.

And I do apologize for all the RSS hopping; although, I assume that if most of my readers are like me, they never deleted the old RSS from their feed reader anyway because they are incredibly lazy.

PS: I know things are a little dusty over here. Namely, all of my old images appear to be broken. This was due to a very unfortunate G+ mishap. (Protip: Don't delete the "blog photos" folder in G+ if you use it with the same gmail account that your blogger blog is associated with...) I'm going to try to fix this, but it may be unfixable.

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