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Open Lab 2010 now available for purchase!

I'm emerging from the Spring Break Cave of Sickness and Solitude to let you know that The Open Laboratory 2010: The Best of Science Writing on the Web is now available for purchase. You can buy a dead-tree version for $17.99 or a PDF copy for $9.99, which you can read on your smart phone, e-book reader, or old school style (you know, straight from your computer).

You should hop over and thank/congratulate Jason for editing the beast and Andrea for designing the cover art. Then go check out all the featured writers after you read their posts in the book. Be sure to look for my post on shark electroreception in the anthology!


  1. It seems that they do this every year, but since I'm new at this, I'm just wondering where the profits go. Unless it's for a good cause is it kind of weird to take a bunch of blog posts, put them into a book, and charge money for them?

  2. The profit goes towards funding the following year's Science Online conference.

  3. Indeed, after paying for costs involved in producing the book itself, what profit remains gets funneled back into the online science writing community.


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