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Links - Jan 7, 2011

Announcing The Open Lab Finalists! I had a lot of fun reviewing for Open Lab and I'm delighted to see that my Shark Week post will be included in this year's edition. I'm not surprised by any of the names on the finalist list, and a few of the posts are personal favorites from the year. I don't envy Jason for his job of having to whittle 900 posts down to 50 finalists, as I'd say at least 2/3rds of the posts I reviewed were of very good quality and I'm sure it was very hard for him to have to make the final decisions.

Wanderlust: Penis worship in Bhutan. Make sure you look at the slideshow. :)

Another worry for breast cancer patients? PalMD explains the complex interactions between a common breast cancer treatment and a popular antidepressant. Speaking of breast cancer, anyone who knows someone with cancer or an autoimmune disease should really read The Spoon Theory.

My Fetal Pony: Neoteny in Girls' Toys. "Social selection over the last few decades has heavily constrained the phenotypes of girls' toys. The cute-ification of these playthings mirrors the evolution of the dog from a rangy wolf to the pocketbook-size 'toy' breeds."

Photo of the day: Cyborg Turtle (click to enlarge).

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