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Links - Jan 23, 2011

It's been quiet lately, I know. I was under the weather early last week and spent the remainder of the week in a job application frenzy. I'm also trying to revive my doctoral program application. There's a lot on my plate at the moment, and I haven't even gotten to the part where I need to have a working knowledge of insect diapause by Thursday.

If you have recently (or not-so-recently) made any posts on body odor or pheromones, you may want to consider submitting them to the Carnal Carnival.

Stop using the word "Caucasian" to mean white. Caucasian literally refers to people in the Caucasus region at the edge of Europe and Asia (think Armenians). I have never referred to myself as Caucasian (unless forced to by government forms) because my heritage is mainly British. The discussion(s) going on in the comments is also worth reading.

ScienceOnline2011 Twitter hashtag #scio11: annoying or inclusive? Worth thinking about. As I said in the comments, I am of two minds about it. I enjoyed the live-tweeting of the sessions because seeing some of the more poignant sound-bites without context gave me the opportunity to think them through on my own, however it also just sorta made me melancholy about not being there in person. Also it was incredibly hard to keep up with at times.

How did the duck hunt gun work? Now you know.

Space Invaders: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period. I won a small but exuberant victory in casa di Michelle with this article. I have always told K that it is annoying and incorrect to use two spaces after a period, but he wouldn't believe me.

Igor Siwanowicz Photography. Beautiful macro photography, with various subjects but an apparent emphasis on insects.

I like this one. It looks like the mantis is dancing.


  1. I'm actually very shocked about the 2-space-after-a-period-rule being wrong. Not because I've had arguments with others and now I'm wrong, but because that's how I, and anyone I know, was being taught even before English became a daily language for me (Granted I first learned typing on an old fashioned monospaced typewriter). But the thing is that no one has ever questioned that rule, and if there was any doubt MS word's annoying red underlines certainly put it to rest. And why are they not teaching this in schools? Notice I still use double space after sentences :P

  2. You know, when we were in school a lot of teachers still taught the two-spaces thing, even though typewriters had long been replaced by computers. I think it is because those teachers grew up in the age of typewriters and thought that what they were teaching us was correct because it is how THEY learned it.


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