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Delicious (cheap) food.

Just a short update to tell you to do yourself a favor and skim over the Grad Student Eating in Style Carnival over at Scicurious's place. Three of my recipes are included! I made the mistake of reading the post before eating lunch when having skipped breakfast... not a good idea.

Now I'm going to go fix myself some hot tea and soup. I just spent an hour explaining the endocrine system to my undergrads at their midterm review session. Normally I don't have to talk (and project my voice, ugh) for an hour straight, but my co-TA was sick, and now I've got a sore throat too. Boo. Luckily the endocrine system is one of my favorites.

This week is the first time since midsummer that I've been active in blog writing/reading. I feel like my blogroll is a little outdated. Anyone you'd recommend I should add?

Sidenote: I promised my students I'd try to find a youtube video that shows what happens with the myofilaments during smooth muscle contraction (to wrap their brains around how the contraction causes an accordion-like effect), but my Google-fu is not yielding anything worthwhile. If you happen to know of one, please pass along a link.

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