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I'm posting a short update instead of eating chocolate.

I saw my Ecuadorian friend from my cohort today for the first time since spring. Turns out he got engaged to his girlfriend over the summer, and said girlfriend is applying to the same doctorate program as I am. Their engagement rings are also really cool; they have these Ecuadorian hieroglyphics on them (if I understood his explanation correctly) from the area where she grew up. He also brought me back some chocolate and was very sad to learn that I have to wait until my gallbladder issue is resolved before I can eat it. I was pretty bummed too, I miss chocolate.

I'm finally getting off my ass about becoming a member of the American Physiological Society. I have an appointment tomorrow to talk to one of Advisor's colleagues in a different department for a sponsorship. Should be interesting, he does oral biology for the dental school at my university, which isn't a field I have a whole lot of experience with.


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