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Thanks to all for your well-wishes in the last post. My symptoms are getting a little worse (and a little more disgusting) but my mental state is getting a lot better. I still don't know what's wrong with me exactly. I'm having a culture of a gross and personal nature taken tomorrow, so hopefully in a few days we'll either know what's wrong or be able to rule out a good number of things. My big fear is that I'll have to have an endoscopy of some kind to figure out the source of the problem. I really don't like things going in places they aren't supposed to go. :(

Cross your fingers for me.


  1. i would say i'll pray for you, but.... :-) if i ever come through your neck of the woods again a drinks on me. so you better feel better.

    hope it helps that ppl you barely know are sending their best wishes.

  2. Oddly enough it does. Thank you. :)

  3. *flail* get better soon! You may already be well on the way to recovery, but hopefully a shockingly late get-well-wish is better than none at all :D

  4. i hope things are not too serious. Get well soon!!


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