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The August edition of Scientiae is up, and one of my posts has been included! Go take a look, read around, and comment on all the contributors' blogs. Scientia Pro Publica #36 has also been posted, and two of my posts were included. Be sure to read that as well.

I've also been named runner-up for July's blog pick of the month on everyONE (PLoS ONE's community blog). I am quite flattered.

And finally, as you already know if you're reading this post, my blog has moved from WordPress to Field of Science! The move isn't completely finished yet. I'm not currently listed from the front page, and things may look a bit wonky until the overlord finds enough time in his very busy schedule to finish the coding. The site and feed are functional, though, so I decided to make the move official this morning.

For those of you who are reading for the first time, my name is Michelle, and I'm a second year master's student in ecophysiology. Ecophysiology is a lot like regular physiology, except it takes into account the ways that external environmental conditions put selective pressure on the structure and function of an organism's internal physiology. I suppose you could also call it evolutionary physiology or something of that sort, but I prefer ecophysiology because my work specifically deals with the way certain critters have adapted to life in the desert. My field is fascinating but the day-to-day of my actual research is pretty boring, which is why I write this blog. It gives me an outlet to read and talk about papers in other areas of physiology (and the wider world of science) that I find more interesting. I teach introductory human physiology at my university, and my physiology blogging is at about the same level as what I teach, I like to break things down and make them simple so that a layperson can understand what's going on.

You may want to check out the pages tabbed at the top of my blog, they'll tell you how to get in touch with me, my disclaimer and philosophy as to the content I post on this blog, and it'll help you out with the people and things I talk about because it may not be immediately apparent what I'm referring to. Thanks for coming!


  1. You did not just call me an overlord (read: this isn't SB).

    Otherwise, welcome to the tribe sister. Your tipi should be plugged into the grid shortly.

  2. 'overlord', not Overlord. The lowercase implies that you are benevolent. ;)

  3. Ha, benevolent. Now that's funny.


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