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Weird things professors do.

I got my thesis proposal back from my advisor this morning, and I've spent most of the afternoon going over his comments and making revisions while K and his friend kill aliens on the couch next to me. Friend brought over his PS3, and K is enjoying his last week of freedom before he starts his first Real World Job. It is somewhat distracting, but I'm surprised at how much work I've actually gotten done.

Advisor doesn't think I need to change anything major, and that it is "almost ready for [my] committee". This is good news, but the best part about reading my advisor's manuscript revisions is the way he chooses to get his point across.

For example, in one sentence I was explaining that there was genetic divergence between populations of my study species in the USA and Desert Country. I figured that the reader would know that it was genetic divergence for the expression of 'protein channels', seeing as how that's what my whole thesis is about, but his comment was, "for what???? beak length??? what?" hahahahaha. Okay, I get his point, I should be clearer as to what I'm talking about.

In other news, this morning CB (the professor who teaches the human physio class I TA) was talking to the class about, I don't know, blood pressure or something, and my attention went off to space for a moment. When I came back to the present, CB had adopted an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and was talking about how she couldn't touch her nose because of all of her muscles. I still have no idea what point she was illustrating with that, but man, that was fucking surreal.

Stuff I liked today:

- Afarensis has a nice post up explaining how the genus Homo and extinct hominids can be distinguished from other living apes AND how living primates (including humans) can be distinguished from extinct hominids by examining critical points on the proximal femur bone.

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