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Vanity and links.

I received a very nice email today from an author on one of the papers I've blogged about this week. It was a bit shocking to me, though, as I had no idea that some authors actually take the time to look up the people who talk about their papers on the blogosphere. I suppose I should think of it as if it were me, in which case my vanity would certainly get the best of me.

My dear little blog is getting a disproportionate amount of hits today because of my post on differentiating between the use of 'sex' and 'gender' as terms in physiological studies. Probably not a lot of hits in the scheme of things, but oh man, you should see the disparity on my unique visitors graph.

Anyway, enough about me. Here are some things I enjoyed reading today:

- Scicurious posts on stress resilience in mice.
- Bora posted a graph comparing hits on and and includes a linkfest to all the posts on Sb about Pepsigate, an issue I've been following intently but have no very strong opinions on.
- I have discovered a wonderful new-to-me blog called Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science. It is no secret that I adore statistics, although I often feel like I'm in over my head with it. I will be following this blog closely, as it seems right up my alley.
- Anyone here from who also happens to be a current or new grad student should think about checking out Samia's zomg grad skool!!!1 carnival.

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