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It has already been an exciting day at casa mia, and as of this typing it isn't even noon yet. We'll gloss over the bit where at 7am I felt like I was gonna hurl and then had a minor panic attack about it and get on to the better stuff:

Jason at The Thoughtful Animal chose my post Methods Fail: Testing the pre-menopausal cougar hypothesis for his Editor's Selections this week at Thanks, Jason!

Brian has invited me to blog at LabSpaces! I was very flattered that he asked and my first instinct was to say yes, but I want to sit on it for a few days to consider. I really like the idea of joining a new blog network that looks promising and helping to build up their little island in the science blog archipelago that Bora loves to speak about. I also like the mix of bloggers they currently have, so those are both big plusses. However, I do like the amount of control I have over the layout of my blog as an independent (I'm a bit of a control freak if you hadn't figured that out already), and I also feel like I'm just starting to establish myself out here (I've only been blogging at this location for about a month) and I wouldn't want to alienate any readers I've managed to get by packing up and moving elsewhere so soon. I don't know, we'll see. Either way I am quite flattered and even if I choose not to join, LabSpaces is a place I will be watching closely because I think they have a good project going on.

My 26th birthday is this Thursday, and K is getting me a new cat. We went to an adoption center over the weekend and I fell in love with this small grey shorthair female. She's already spayed and old enough to eat adult cat food, but her disposition is much more kitten-like than my current cat, which is exactly what he needs. One of the selling points on getting a second cat is that I need someone to whip Kitty (yes, my cat's name is Kitty) into shape. He's gotten a bit fat in the last year. I don't want to be one of THOSE PEOPLE who post pictures of their cats on their blog all the time, but you'll have to forgive me when we go pick her up later this week. I probably won't be able to control myself.

Advisor is pushing me to finish my manuscript ASAP because he has a research project he wants me to work on while I'm on paid vacation. Doesn't seem very much like a vacation if I have to work through the whole thing, but I guess that's academic life. That's also why I don't want to be an academic, but I digress. Speaking of, I should probably get off my ass and work on that this afternoon.

Edit: I also started a discussion on the definition of sexual intercourse when you allow for gay/lesbian sex over in the comments of an unrelated post on Gene Expression. Sorry, Razib.

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  1. no worries. only 5% of readers are identified homosexuals, so it doesn't distort the results too much though (number from previous surveys). i like control of design too. i lost that at discover. but it gets your substance to more ppl.


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