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More thesising.

K wants to go see Despicable Me today, which I desperately want to see, but I had to say no because I was counting on working on my thesis today. Infinite sadfaces. We were actually supposed to go see it yesterday, but then we wound up spending the whole evening running around town looking for a new man bag for him to take to work. How hard is it to find a canvas messenger bag anymore? Pretty goddamn hard.

I'm making a lot of progress on my thesis, though! It is funny how the amount of work that you need to do feels insurmountable until you actually start doing it, and then you realize it wasn't that much work after all. And on the contrary, when you think something isn't going to take very long, you wind up spending the whole day on it. Funny how that works, eh?

I had a poop-my-pants moment of fear earlier when I was working on some updates to my model that Advisor asked me to do, and I accidentally saved the new file over the template file that I use for all permutations of my model. Um. Oops. I almost flipped my shit (in a bad way), but then I remembered that I keep a redundant system because I have two laptops that I routinely use. I just copied the template file over from my netbook. Crisis averted!

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