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Letter gender.

Lately I've been tracking down articles from a lab that studies my newly-discovered protein channels in a different part of the body, so that I can hopefully figure out how they're arranged in that system and see if that works for the model I'm developing for my system. I've been all over Google Scholar and my university's library website doing searches for this one PI's name, and I just now found out that said PI is a woman. It took me aback because I always tend to assume that PIs are male, but not only that, the PI had a first initial that I apparently associate with masculinity.

Are certain letters more male or female to you? For example, I consider E's, L's, and M's to be female letters, but that's probably because of the fact that they all feature prominently in my name. I consider letters such as S and D and J to be male. I don't know why, it's just some subconscious association my brain has made over the years.

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