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It is probably in bad taste to use an 'in my pants' phrase when talking about the kidneys.

I think I may have jinxed myself (in a good way) because all of my students seemed to understand the hemoglobin saturation curve today! Talk about serendipity. For some reason it was just clicking with them today, so that's a pretty good sign. Tomorrow we get to start the <3 <3 renal system <3 <3! (I totally cream my pants over stuff like glomerular filtration rate and counter current multiplication.) Then a week from today the class will be over and I have sweet delicious freedom until the middle of September. Well, sweet delicious semi-freedom since Advisor has a project he wants me to work on, but at least I get to set my own schedule and I don't have to wake up at 7am every day if I don't want to. Small victories, right?

I'm feeling better today, but not any more productive than yesterday. Oh well, there's always the weekend. I feel like I write better on the weekend anyway.

Cool stuff from the interwebs:

- Isis teaches us that veins are squishy.
- Mo at Neurophilosophy tells us that by deleting a single gene, researchers can make female mice exhibit masculine behaviors and try to mate with other females. She adds a caveat that this probably has little to nothing to do with human sexuality.
- GrrlScientist alludes to changes that may be afoot regarding ScienceBlogs.

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